Know someone who's perfect for DriveTime? Help them start their journey.

  • Step One 

    Talk to your referral about the opportunities at DriveTime and ask them for a copy of their resume.

  • Step Two 

    Complete the form below and attach your referral's resume.

  • Step Three 

    Send the form and your referral's resume to

  • Step Four 

    Forms will also be accepted by fax to 602-667-2412 or toll free 800-200-8731

  • Step Five 

    Once we receive your referral, you will receive a notification by email that your form has been received and your referral's resume will be sent to the Recruiting Team for review.

Get the Employee Referral Form

Download and print the following form. You can fill out and return via email or fax using the steps above.

If you have any questions about the ERP payouts or process, please email