Tales from the road Buzzwords don’t make up a culture. Shared stories do.

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Our culture is an accumulation of the shared stories employees tell. From our humble beginnings to the people that make us who we are today, read on to learn firsthand about life at DriveTime and where you fit into the story.

Our story

Based in Arizona, DriveTime was founded in 2002. We currently operate 135+ dealerships in 26 states, and we’re proud to say we’re the nation's largest integrated used-auto dealer and finance company. We employ over 5,000 people across the country and serve over 100,000 customers each year. We’ve sold more than 1,147,329 used cars to consumers across the nation. We are proud to be one of the top companies to work for by azcentral, Compuworld and several others.

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Our brands

Our family consists of 3 brands that all work together to offer a full suite of services for our customers.

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Our people

Our passions

Doing good feels good.

It’s not business – it’s personal. As part of the communities in which we live, DriveTime and its employees actively seek out opportunities to volunteer and make a difference. We are honored to support and participate in events for Women in Blue, PRIDE, St. Vincent de Paul, Wishes for Teachers, and many others.

We hire our heroes

We are proud to support our nation’s heroes and their families. Their commitment and dedication are valuable traits we look for, and we are just as committed to easing their transition into a new career.

Investing in interns

Our interns are the future of our workforce. Our 10-week internship program provides graduating students the real work exposure needed to advance in their field of choice. The curriculum extends far beyond a temporary summer gig, with opportunities for collaborative learning, soft skill development, and personal career mentorship.

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